Notepad++ does not remember last used directory

  • I posted this question about 5 years ago in old forums, this problem still exists years later, Notepad++ always starts with c/programfiles/notepad++ directory, when you click OPEN to open a file it always opens from there after restarting Notepad++

  • @Admin-Email

    yes, you are absolutely correct.

    the default file > open... behaviour is as follows:

    • if no file is loaded, and you just see a “new 1” tab, the path will be set to the folder where your notepad++.exe resides in, as this “new 1” tab does not have any save location yet.

    • if one or more saved files are already opened, the default “open” path will be set to the document path of the active tab.

    as a workaround, you can enable sessions, so notepad++ will remember your previously opened files, and keep one or more documents, which reside at your favourite location(s) as opened tabs.

    once you click on those tabs, and then click on “open” at the file menu or the tollbar icon, the “open” dialogue will present you with the same path as your “template” tab.

  • This bug needs to be fixed.

  • @Admin-Email

    it is less a bug than a design feature.

    i personally like this feature. notepad++ does not present you with the last open file location, but if you click on another opened tab, which might be part of a project, and then click on open, it will automatically suggest the same folder of the active tab, which is much faster when switching between projects, than having the last opened file location as default, and then having to browse again to the folder you currently need.

    we, at the community, can only help you, by trying to teach how notepad++ is intended to be used.

    if you still would like to report this as a bug, please read and try to understand our community’s official guide on how to do that, by following this link:
    >>> FAQ Desk: Feature Request or Bug Report <<<

  • @Admin-Email said:

    This bug needs to be fixed.

    Agree with @Meta-Chuh … there is no bug here.

  • I have found this behavior annoying for years. Agree it’s not a bug but…

    1. I cannot think of any other text editor in the world that ever offers you the program files directory as a default save location for a new file (under any circumstance)
    2. I cannot imagine that very many people would ever wish to save their files in the program files folder
    3. It’s basically somewhat jarring to see these files when you click save because it is not the normal behavior when you click save - and by not the normal behavior I mean there is no other program that does this, ever.
    4. It seems that for users who remember the current session there is no issue (so maybe the majority of users never see this kind of behavior). But for users who start with a blank session it is a strange and recurring event all of the time. I put a shortcut in my program files folder for notepad++ to take more to a more reasonable starting point! And I can assure you that this is the only Windows program I have ever in my life had to do this for.

    So its basically a jarring and unexpected event to see program files when you hit save. This has bothered me for years also. It would be better to have a default save location for new files (such as the users documents folder, or the users home folders).

  • @shagnocky said in Notepad++ does not remember last used directory:

    But for users who start with a blank session it is a strange and

    I just mimic’d this setup. Yes, the default is to open the folder where Notepad++.exe lives. Agreed: This is not very useful.

    But…why not just set a Default Directory in the Preferences ? I just did this and it works fine for the “sessionless” way of working.

    To be explicit: Go to Settings (menu), choose Preferences, select Default Directory in the box on the left, and in the box on the right pick the THIRD radio button down and put in your desired directory right next to it. Easy…unless I miss something?

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