Delete Chinese text after comparing two XML documents

  • Here one regular expression is mistakenly duplicated. But in the macro everything is correct.
    " name="(.*?)[\x{3000}-\x{303F}\x{4E00}-\x{9FEF}](.*?)\|
    " name="

  • Need to test such option, and compare their work.

  • Hi, @andrecool-68,

    I read your last posts with the different regeges and was about to suggest you such a regex, which combines all cases :-))

    An other syntax, which allows, the step by step replacement, with several clicks on the Replace button, would be :

    SEARCH (\x20(value|name|title|message)=").*?[\x{3000}-\x{303F}\x{4E00}-\x{9FEF}].*?\|

    REPLACE \1



    P.S. :

    BTW, don’t you have some ski resorts, in Israel ? I’m thinking of the Mount Hermon Ski Resort !

  • @guy038
    Small mountains we have in Israel but there is snow is very rare, and my friend flies every year to ski in Italy. And for me the best rest is fishing with a fishing rod.

  • @guy038

    Here is my modified “slopes map” picture, which shows the “Meribel - Les Menuires - Val Thorens” areas and part of Courchevel, on the left !

    this is beautiful 😃.
    next winter, as soon as my youngest son is old enough to have sufficient body control to enjoy it, i have to go skiing again, after a 3 year abstinence (far too long).

    thanks for sharing.
    short notices like that make this place pleasantly human to me, with a familiar atmosphere i enjoy. 👍


    Please, not a “regex guru”

    may i use “regex master”, or “sensei regex san”, or “darth regex” instead ? ;-)

  • @andrecool-68

    this lake is very, very beautiful as well, i want to go there too.

    … hmmmh … judging my reactions to the pictures from both of you, i guess that i urgently need a vacation 😂

  • @Meta-Chuh
    I do not go far to rest, health problems, and 40 kilometers to the lake I can do. When I was healthy and strong …long thought took a plane ticket and flew!

  • @andrecool-68

    yes, unfortunately we don’t get any younger … but i always try to think that away ;-)
    i hope you get as strong as possible again, or at least stay stable in health 🙏

  • @Meta-Chuh
    do not think that time will go back…live now!

  • xmlTreeNav translated into Russian language, it became much easier, was there a way to disable the duplication of the two language files. And delete the Chinese no longer need, leaving only the Chinese strings which do not exist in Russian localization. and five kinds of rows to delete.


    Made a change from the previous regular expression.


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