New feature Request: Refresh button for Window => Windows menu option

  • Hi,
    This is my first post for a request of a new feature for Notepad++. Since I was not sure where to post it, I decided to start here.
    Basically, I open a lot of files and I use from the menu bar, Window => Windows option to see all of the open tabs. The issue is as new files are open sometimes through back ground processes which call notepad++, notepad opens the text files successfully, but this window does not update automatically.

    I was hoping for a refresh button so that the user can refresh the list of open windows at will.

    Thank you so much in advance for providing such a great editor.

  • @murathp

    This does not address your issue, but a suggestion for you might be to give the Navigate To plugin a try. Again, not to do with the potential problem you raised, but maybe an alternative to your workflow to consider.

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