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  • Hi,

    First off, notepadd++ is great!

    Now to the questions/ideas.

    When I have a lot of docs in the switcher, it is cumbersome to move them to another position in the doc switcher, even with ctrl+shift+up/down. If there was a shortcut like goto and one could put in a position number, that would be quick and easy. Is that somewhere in place and I overlooked it?

    Also, where it says now “doc switcher”, if there was a full text search (for the title or even content), that would be great. I imagine a search box coming up when the mouse hovers over the “doc switcher” title, and a toggle checkbox for full text or title search. Is that an option I somewhere overlooked?

    Many thanks again for this wonderful editor!

  • @gthb1

    Doc switcher is rather limited. For your ideas to be seen where it matters, follow the advice here:

  • @gthb1

    this reminds me of the recommendation we got from @guy038 to use the NavigateTo plugin instead of doc switcher or alphabetically sorting our tabs to find our files faster.
    maybe it suits you too, if your main goal is to find and activate a specific file/tab within a vast amount of opened files.

    i often have at least five (!!!) multi tab lines opened, and many times i only remember either just a little part of the path-name or a few characters of the file name.

    with the NavigateTo plugin, i just press [ctrl]+[,] then enter any small path or name part i know, and hit [enter] and voilà, i’m quicker than ever before finding a file within my overload of opened documents.

    it also has also a case insensitive “not containing” search, which is very nice.
    with NavigateTo i can, for example, use the search string |notepad to search for everything that does not have “notepad” anywhere in it’s path or filename.

    if you are on notepad++ version 7.6.3, you can install it with a few mouse clicks, by using the built in “plugins admin”.

    for more details about NavigateTo, please visit the original thread over here:

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Alan-Kilborn
    Many thanks for the tip, it is up there now :)

  • @Meta-Chuh
    Thank you for the tip, I saw it before posting, it is not doing what I need it to do. My goal is to quickly change the position of one (or more) marked tab(s). Right now it is cumbersome, since on each step it slowly reloads all, and if you have hundreds open, it takes forever. There must be a better way…

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