XML Highlihgt bug

  • Hi all, XML highlight syntax is not case sensitive while XML language is.
    Is it possibile to correct?


  • @Luca-L ,

    Welcome back to the forum.

    The syntax highlighting comes from the lexers in the Scintilla component used in Notepad++. To get this updated, you would have to

    1. Look at the newest Scintilla release (v4.1.3 as of Mar 3, 2019), and see if that has already been fixed on the Scintilla side
    2. Use the Scintilla Bug Tracker or Scintilla Feature Request Tracker to ask for case-sensitivity in the lexer
    3. After it’s implemented and released in Scintilla, you would then have to use the Notepad++ issues tracker, per the instructions in this FAQ to request that Notepad++ incorporates those changes from Scintilla. Unfortunately, Notepad++ is still using Scintilla v3.56 from Jun 2015, so the chances of the Scintilla component being upgraded any time soon are … not very high. Sorry.


    1. you might be able to ask first in the Notepad++ issues tracker if they could incorporate a bugfix into their older version of Scintilla, without doing a full Scintilla update. Still unlikely, I would think.
    2. You could compile you own Notepad++ with a newer Scintilla (either from the recent scintilla release, or applying your own bug fix to the XML Lexer). But maintaining your own compilation is not something for the faint of heart. (I’ve never done it, despite the advance usage I often have on Notepad++, because I have never setup the Visual Studio development environment)

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