Save One Session for multiple files Bookmarks

  • every time I close notepad ++, I delete my bookmarks. I can easy save the session to each file. But can I save a single session for all the open files that I have bookmarked on?

  • hi @Vasile-Caraus

    if i understood you correctly, and you want to keep all your bookmarks of all opened files on every notepad++ exit and restart, you can enable “session snapshot” in:
    settings > preferences > backup.
    activate remember current session for next launch and enable session snapshot and periodic backup as seen at the screenshot below.

    from now on notepad++ will automatically remember your previously opened files, and also remember all your bookmarks, without the need of saving any file or session manually.


    (screenshot taken on notepad++ 7.6.3)

  • yes, I have this settings already. But, seems not working. So, I open a file, I make a bookmark, then I close the file. When I reopen, the bookmark is gone.

  • sorry, yes, is working. The problem was the backup time. I put 100 second, instead of 7. That’s why didn’t save.

  • @Vasile-Caraus

    thank you for finding this and reporting back. 👍

    this will be very helpful for the future, if others experience the same.
    it also helps us as a reminder, to ask for the backup time setting, the next time we get a similar question.

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