Why is "Ctrl+L" shortcut not in shortcuts config? It is in the wiki tho.

  • When i use “Ctrl+L” the wiki states that it deletes the line.
    It actually cuts the line, so you can paste it again.
    Is this “working as intended”, and the wiki just needs updating, or is this unintended?

  • I don’t know what the wiki says, but Settings - Shortcut Mapper - Scintilla commands shows it. for me: 90 SCI_LINECUT Ctrl+L

  • The “wiki” is notoriously out-of-date and apparently unmaintained. :(

  • that’s why many of us stick around here at the notepad++ community and give our best effort to share everything we already know, and to devour everything we did not know before.

    i can relate to the wiki being left behind.
    even if most of us are capable of giving detailed, specific answers, or to write a specific guide to one topic, it is very, very difficult to write a complete manual that covers as much as possible … not to speak of continuously maintaining and adapting such through all changes.

    from a documenting point of view, the most optimal scenario for a perfect manual would be, if the product itself does not get enhanced, and only the manual is under active development … but i personally prefer it the other way round, just like it is. 😉

  • @Meta-Chuh

    or what some programs do - create documentation from source like doxygen, sphinx etc…
    Would have the benefit that the program is more readable/understandable itself
    but requires to be consequent.

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