[Request] Add/Remove tab lines (rows)

  • Having 20+ tabs open at all times, I recently started using the multi-line option. In this view, however, tabs are stretched to fill the entire app width.
    This is especially visible on the last row of tabs - the width of each tab could be 1/3 of the entire row.

    See example here: https://imgur.com/iFznrzA

    I believe it will be much more user-friendly if tab widths did not constantly change and instead keep their width just like when multi-line is disabled.

    What I suggest is an alternative to multi-line - introduce the option to add and remove tab lines. This way tab widths will stay fixed and also when resizing the app, tabs will not jump from line 2 to line 3, etc.

  • Hello, @gipadm , and welcome to the Notepad++ Community Forum.

    That’s an interesting idea.

    Since this it the Community Forum, and not the issues-tracking page, the developer is more likely to notice your request if you follow the instructions in our FAQ for making a feature request.

    Once you do, please post a link of that issue# to this forum topic.

    Good luck

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