HowTo or Enhancement: Double-Click doesn't include words that contain a dash, and auto-highlighting doesn't highlight all strings that match the selected text

  • Is there any way to get N++ to, when you doubleclick a word that contains dashes, to select the entire string, the same as it does for underscores?

    For example, if I have this text “wildcard-cert-key”, and I doubleclick cert, it only selects cert. I want it to auto-select the entire string “wildcard-cert-key”.

    Furthermore, the auto-highlighting of words will, in the above example, highlight “cert” everywhere; however if the entire “wildcard-cert-key” string is manually highlighted, I want that to be highlighted everywhere.

    Another Example: If I highlight “ca cert-key”, then everywhere that text string exists should be auto-highlighted.


  • @KyferEz , Welcome to the Notepad++ Community.

    Settings> Preferences > Delimiter, enable ☑Add your character as part of word, and include the hyphen - (and any other punctuation you want considered part of a “word”).

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