Request: support merging auto-completion files per language

  • I wonder whether it would be useful/possible to be able to spread the auto-completion definition of a single language over multiple files.

    Currently, whenever one creates/extends new functionality for a certain language, one has to add the freshly created functions/keywords to the existing auto-completion file and make sure the keywords are sorted properly. On removing a library… one has to remove the related keywords to get the autocompletion consistent again.

    If the npp auto-completion functionality would make use of the <AutoComplete language=“xxx”> tag to build the auto completion list per language in stead of the xml file name and internally merge matching files, this request could be accomplished? Removing a library could result into removing the related auto-completion xml to get the auto-completion matching the language again…

  • @Nico-Vanslambrouck

    just curious about which language you are talking. It might be that I have a
    different approach/solution in a few days using LSP instead.

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