java function list incomplete

  • Hi,

    in ver 7.6.4 in the function list for java class the methods with whitespaces between ( ) and arguments are missing, for example such is missing:
    public void add( int param1, int param2 )
    but such works fine:
    public void add(int param1, int param2)

    the spaces are valid so please extend the rule in parser

  • See issue 5085.

  • five releases ago and sill unsolved …

  • Issue 5085 describes exactly how to edit the functionList.xml (in %AppData%\Notepad++\functionList.xml for a normal install, or <portablefolder>\functionList.xml using the portable version) to give you the desired behavior.

  • @PeterJones

    Why fix (ok, patch) things yourself when you can not do that and (a) not have your functionality and (b) whine about it?

  • @anniew86 ,

    As an addendum to my earlier post: the reason why I suggest editing the functionList.xml (as described in that issue) is because that file (and any of the other .xml files in the same folder) were made to be user-editable configuration files. Thus, it’s reasonable for you, as a user, to be shown how to edit those files to customize your installation’s configuration.

    If it’s not clear from the issue 5085, the steps are:

    1. Exit all instances of Notepad++.
    2. Edit %AppData%\Notepad++\functionList.xml in a new instance of Notepad++
    3. Edit the section mentioned in that issue by @MAPJe71
    4. Save
    5. Exit Notepad++
    6. When you reload Notepad++, the changes should have gone into effect.

    @Alan-Kilborn said:

    Why fix (ok, patch) things yourself when you can not do that and (a) not have your functionality and (b) whine about it?


    Based on the OP’s reaction, I assumed that it was not noticed (or understood) that the patch described in the issue was a patch that the user could implement by editing an existing config file.

    Often, if a normal user sees a bug report on an issues page that is marked as OPEN, it will be assumed that the fix can only be implemented by changing some magic source code, and that it hasn’t been done / released yet. Phrases like “replace the Java parser” in the replies might reinforce the idea that it’s not something that a mere mortal can be expected to do (“what’s a parser, and how to I replace it?” might be the thought that would appear in the user’s mind, stopping them from realizing that it was a configuration file that needed to be edited). I am hoping that by these series of replies, the OP can see that it’s just a simple matter of editing a text-based .xml config file.

  • @PeterJones said:

    If it’s not clear from the issue 5085,

    I dunno, seems pretty clear to me. Should also be to someone into (a) text editing and (b) programming, both of which have been established are within the capabilities of the OP. :)

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