Lang File Import Fails

  • additional note for @steadybright and all who need better multiple udl management and compatibility with older user defined language (udl) xml files:

    notepad++ versions 7.6.4 and above are compatible with older udl files and made the import and management process much simpler.

    on 7.6.4 and above you just need to copy the whole file userDefineLang_nginx.xml, as it is, without renaming, to %AppData%\Notepad++\userDefineLangs and restart notepad++.
    (on the portable versions, the path is your_npp_folder\userDefineLangs )
    additionally you can also import the original file as it is, it will then be merged to userDefineLang.xml as expected.

    version 7.6.4 and above allows you to have multiple, independent udl.xml files, instead of just one large, merged userDefineLang.xml file.
    this also makes deployment much easier, as you just have to copy one or more udl.xml file(s) that are needed, to the userDefineLangs folder of a target machine, without having to browse through any menus.

    big thanks for @Ekopalypse for converting the old nginx udl for “newer-older” versions of notepad++ 👍

  • Thank you, Meta Chuh!

    I’m looking forward to the release of 7.6.4!


  • @steadybright said:

    I’m looking forward to the release of 7.6.4!

    FYI, 7.6.4 was released on Mar 6 (download here); I’m wondering if you really meant “looking forward to 7.6.4 auto-updated being triggered”, which is a separate item from “version being released”.

    And I just saw that an hour ago, Don announced that v7.6.5 has been fully released.

    Release generally happens 1-2 weeks before the auto-updater is triggered for that release. If during that lag time, you want to use the newer version, you can go to the download page at to get the most recent version; you can either use what we call the portable version (which Don calls the “zip package” or “7z package”), which allows you to put it in a user-owned directory, and run it without installing (thus allowing you to test out new features without replacing your full installation, but does not give you automatic file association; if you double-click on a txt file, it will still open the installed version of notepad++, not the portable version); or if you’re confident you want to switch, you can use the installer download to do a full install (which will fully replace your old version of notepad++).

  • Hi, Peter,

    Yes, I meant update via the ? > Update Notepad++ menu.

    However, to your second point, I just selected Update Notepad++ and the response is No update is available.

    Hopefully, I’ll see it later today or tomorrow.


  • @steadybright said:

    Yes, I meant update via the ? > Update Notepad++ menu.

    If you don’t want to manually install, then, as I said, the auto-update is usually triggered 1-2 weeks after release. Or, if the release if found to have major bugs, it might never get the update-to-x triggered. (I don’t know whether Don will ever trigger auto-update to 7.6.4, or if he’ll just skip the auto-update to 7.6.5, since he released 7.6.5 before the trigger of 7.6.4)

  • My apologies! I read 1-2 weeks as 1-2 days.

  • @Ekopalypse so this <code> above, is used how? I am getting langs.xml failed to load warning. Win 10 updated pro

  • @nation-of-gandhis

    copy/paste the above text into a document and call it whatever_you_like.xml
    and then open UDL and press Import button.

    The message you receive doesn’t look healthy.
    The langs.xml is a file which is needed to be loaded from npp and is different
    from UDL (user defined language) files.
    Did you get this error because you have pasted it into the langs.xml?

  • no just pops when npp LOADS

  • @Ekopalypse Looks good now (no just pops when npp LOADS or… did) don’t know what happened. I did not do a thing ;)

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