Rolling back to v7.6.4

  • 7.6.5 release is removed due to a crash issue.

    This crash issue is fixed here:

    I’ll release v7.6.6 in few days. In the meantime the latest version is rolled back to v7.6.4

  • @donho
    wow, this was indeed very critical.
    thanks for finding that and reacting so quickly.

    we’ve tested sessions prior to release, but for sure never closed all tabs on the left side, leaving only tabs on the subview, sorry about that.

    for everyone who wants to see how critical this would have been for everyone, and not just if using the example session file:

    • Launch version 7.6.5
    • load two saved scrap files in it.
    • move one file tab to the other view to have a split screen dual view.
    • close the file tab on the left view.
    • exit notepad++ portable.
    • reopen notepad++ portable.

    now notepad++ will throw an exception and will not be able to start again, unless session.xml is deleted (complete session loss) or edited manually by putting at least one file from the subview (right) to the mainview (left).

  • @Meta-Chuh

    I modified your post because for me the unstable binaries have been removed for stopping spreading them, therefore users should not be solicited to download unstable version.

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