Changing default directory

  • When I start up notepad, it starts with a default CURRENT_DIRECTORY variable that is pointed to the location where the Notepad++ executable is found. I keep my c files in a different directory. Notepad++ is unable to compile the c-files I have defined because the CURRENT_DIRECTORY variable is set to the wrong place. Is there a way to change the value of the CURRENT_DIRECTORY variable? Thanks.


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    In Settings > Preferences > Default Directory, do you have it set to ☑ Follow current document?

    Also, what are you using to run the compiler? Run > Run? Or Plugins > NppExec > Run? What command are you passing to that?

    If you’re doing something that just relies on one source file and calling in the right directory, Run>Run of cmd /c gcc "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)" -o "$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)\$(NAME_PART).exe" could do it…

    For anything more complicated than a one-line command, or anything where directory is critical, I will tend to use NppExec rather than the default Run menu. I usually start with a cd $(CURRENT_DIRECTORY) to make sure that NppExec’s shell moves to be the same as the directory for the current file. For example, to compile then run a c program using a gcc which is in my path,

    gcc "$(FILE_NAME)" -o "$(NAME_PART)"
    npp_run cmd.exe /k "$(NAME_PART)"

    I did a quick experiment: When I have 7.6.4 x64 set to that setting, using Run > Run to cmd /c echo $(CURRENT_DIRECTORY) && pause, it shows the correct value for the $(CURRENT_DIRECTORY) variable. However, if I switch to cmd /k echo $(CURRENT_DIRECTORY) && pause, when it drops to the command line, the working directory is the notepad++.exe executable directory instead. SO it definitely needs the CD. I don’t have time at this moment to debug more and get a command that will work in the Run>Run and do the CD before issuing some other command. (Still, like I said, for multi-command sequences, NppExec is better; I also prefer it, because the results window is embedded in Notepad++, rather than spawning an external cmd.exe, which you have to be careful with /k vs /c and && pause to try to keep the results in a window before it disappears.)

  • Okay, able to revisit for a couple more minutes: if you need it to be in Run > Run rather than NppExec, starting from cmd /c cd /d "$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)" && dir "$(FILE_NAME)" && echo change the dir and this last echo into just the compiler.exe -o "$(NAME_PART).exe" "$(FILE_NAME)" or whatever && pause as the command should get what you want.

    Really, it would simplify down to cmd /c cd /d "$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)" && compiler.exe -o "$(NAME_PART).exe" "$(FILE_NAME)" && pause – I just had the others to show some more placeholders.

    But still, if possible, I’d recommend NppExec for anything beyond a one-liner (if it needs && to make it work in Run>Run, NppExec will be able to maintain it better)

  • Thanks. I seem to have it working now.

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