7.6.6 no longer notifies when several open files need to be reloaded

  • In the previous version, when a bunch of my open files have been updated, simply bringing NPP to the front was enough to get messages for all the changed open files. Now, I have to click on each file tab to see if it was updated or not. I regularly have around 40 tabs open, and having to click on each one every time I publish something is extremely annoying. I hope this is a bug and not a policy change!
    Anyone noticed this?

  • @John-Kalla

    I assume your setting for Settings->Preferences->Misc->File Status Auto-Detection
    is set to enable. Use Enable for all opened files.

  • Nice! Thank you! I’ve never set that before. Is the “Enable” option new? It was defaulted to that.
    In any case, that fixed my problem. Just like Microsoft Word, this user was asking for a feature that already existed! Thanks for your help! :)

  • @John-Kalla

    Is the “Enable” option new? It was defaulted to that.

    before 7.6.6 we only had the option to enable or disable file status auto-detection for all tabs.
    it has been a big request, from users with literarily hundreds of open tabs, to be able to activate the status detection on only the foreground tab, which is now the default enable setting.

  • Makes total sense! I’m glad it’s an option!

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