Open file list *.ext to list files (7.5.4) behavior

  • I have been using Notepad++ for several years but recently upgraded Notepad++ and noticed when I try to list the files in a directory *.txt, Notepad++ now opens ALL the files instead of listing, is that a feature/bug or some new setting? because in my old version (7.5.5) it never did that. I noticed every new version does this and can’t find anything in the change log or preferences for it, please advise.

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @gittyup2018

    you can switch to new style file diaologue at the menu: settings > preferences > default directory,
    and enable use new style dialog, as seen at the screenshot below.


    • open file in old style dialogue:
      entering *.txt and pressing enter will open all .txt files at that folder.

    • open file in new style dialogue:
      entering *.txt and pressing enter will filter all .txt files at that folder, without opening them.


  • Thank you now it works as expected…interesting that the setting is called new behavior when it is actually old behavior, but whatever happy it works, I would have never found that so thanks again!

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