Request: improved colorizing functions

  • VSCode has 2 useful plugins based on using different colors:
    “Bracket Pair Colorizer”(each bracket pair has its own color) and “Indent-rainbow”(each indent size has its own color)
    Simple ideas which greatly improve usability and debug.
    Is there some way to get the same functions in Notepad++?

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Alex-C

    rainbow brackets (colour coded nested brackets) will currently not be implemented in notepad++, due to limitations of the scintilla component, which it depends on.

    rainbow brackets could be done with external plugins, overriding the internal lexer, but as far as i know of, no plugin that is capable to add rainbow brackets to notepad++ exists at the moment.

    note: rainbow brackets could also be done with scripting plugins, like pythonscript, to some extent, but i’ve not been able to find any existing, working scripts yet either.

    my apologies and best regards.

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