File Versions are incorrect at 7.6.4+

  • Just realized while packaging 7.6.4, that the file version for notepad++.exe is now 7.64. Using a PowerShell script to detect the version as SCCM will not detect it using it’s internal detect method. Is this the versioning going forward? Or did someone just forget to add a decimal point?

  • Verified the same condition on 7.6.6 (shows as 7.66)

    [version]$requiredVersion = ‘7.66’
    $Path = “${ENV:ProgramFiles}\Notepad++”
    Try {
    [version]$installedVersion = (Get-Item -Path “$path\notepad++.exe” -ErrorAction “Stop”).VersionInfo.ProductVersion -as [version]
    If ($installedVersion -eq $requiredVersion) {
    Return 0
    } else {
    # remove for detection to work
    } Catch {}

    Major Minor Build Revision
    ===== ===== ==== =======
    7 66 -1 -1

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @KryptykHermit

    this has almost always been like that (except faulty versioning versions 7.6.1 to 7.6.3)
    file version will be 7.x.x.x
    product version will be 7.xx

    this product version scheme is also what the auto updater and the notepad++ update servers expect.

    if you have written your script based on 7.6.1 to 7.6.3, you will have to modify them accordingly.

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