Can we add new 'language' entries based upon existing, e.g., ClojureScript based on Javascript?

  • I’d seen the model.xml file that describes elements of languages listed in the language menu. However, to get the full support of the language highlight support, I’m not sure editing that file is either wise or allowed. I have seen several other users’ questions asking this essential question, with no clear answer.
    Don Ho, help us! :)
    we have new language dialects rising, quite often, and would like to add these as supported formatting templates, allowing us to define the new dialect’s unique characteristics.
    I have several functional languages I am researching and being able to add them into my editor would greatly help.
    the current one is Clojure, and its related ClosureScript which is much like, but different from javascript.
    if there were a js.formatting.xml file that we could import into the user defined language dialog, then these types of user extension would be easy.
    and the new language files could be offered up to the general community to help others with that language…
    Currently I cannot find any means to make this happen… am I wrong?

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