Ctrl-C to copy again?

  • My shortcuts keys recently changed and when I hit Ctrl-C, I get a non-printable character that replaces the selected text. Ctrl-Ins requires me to use my mouse hand and/or use two hands to perform the same operation I could do with a quick one-handed entry.

    How do I revert to the Windows clipboard shortcut scheme?

  • @Thomas-Bihn said:

    How do I revert to the Windows clipboard shortcut scheme?

    If it’s really just the clipboard-related shortcuts that were messed up, you can go to Settings > Shortcut Mapper, the Scintilla Commands should list Cut/Copy/Paste/SelectAll as the first four. Double clicking on each of those, you can set the command and Add it into the list.

    If that doesn’t work, you might want to open your shortcuts.xml (%AppData%\Notepad++\shortcuts.xml, usually), and look in the <ScintillaKeys> section. You do not want any like

            <ScintKey ScintID="2177" menuCmdID="42001" Ctrl="no" Alt="no" Shift="yes" Key="46" />
            <ScintKey ScintID="2178" menuCmdID="42002" Ctrl="yes" Alt="no" Shift="no" Key="45" />
            <ScintKey ScintID="2179" menuCmdID="42005" Ctrl="no" Alt="no" Shift="yes" Key="45" />

    (with either the ScintID or the menuCmdID). If you do, that means something overrode those shortcuts for the cut/copy/paste. Close all other instances of Notepad++, except the one editing shortcuts.xml. Delete any of those three lines in shortcuts.xml, and save. Exit Notepad++. When you reload, the shortcuts should be back to normal.

  • Awesome! Thanks Peter, that did it.

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