The 64bit versions Update Silently and Scroll to last is NOT working correctly

  • Hi,

    First off THANKS A MILLION for this GREAT tool!

    I am using the newest version 7.6.6

    The 64bit versions “Update silently” and “Scroll to the last line after update” located in the Preferences MISC. section have never worked correctly.
    I base this on the way it worked in the 32bit version.

    I have been using the 64bit version since the version 7.3.1

    These two options are what I always turn on as soon as I have installed NotePad++ on any computer that I use it on.

    I was hoping that someone else would report this so that it could be fixed but that has not happened up till now, so I have to report it myself.

    Let me know if there is ANY information that you need from me to correct this.

    Thanks in advance. :-)

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @FrankAndrew57

    if you have a file, which is modified externally, but does not trigger “Update silently” and “Scroll to the last line after update”, we would appreciate to have more details about it.

    please also switch on monitoring for that file at the notepad++ menu view > monitoring (tail -f) and report it’s behaviour.
    (once it’s turned on, you will see an eye symbol instead of a disk at the tab of this file)

    many thanks and best regards.

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    I have turn on the monitoring, where does it write the needed info?

  • @FrankAndrew57

    if the file for which you have turned on monitoring right now, gets changed from another application, the changes should get visible in notepad++ and get scrolled to the last line.

    for example: if you open any .txt file in notepad++ and you simultaneously edit the same file with windows notepad, once you save the changes in windows notepad, all changes should appear at the same file in notepad++, without having to reload this changed file.

  • Thanks a MILLION again, that is THE feature, (tail -f), that I have been waiting for for YEARS.

    When was it added to the product?
    Why is there NO reference on the MISC. page to let us OLD DOGS know that this long awaited feature is FINALLY here!

    Sorry it took me soooo long to answer but as a newbie I can only replay every 20 minutes ;-(

    Well that does exactly what I need, but why does the other things NOT work like they used to?

  • @FrankAndrew57 said:

    When was [file monitoring (tail -f)] added to the product?

    v6.9.2 from May 2016. It was quite prominent on the release page at that time

  • @FrankAndrew57

    Sorry it took me soooo long to answer but as a newbie I can only replay every 20 minutes ;-(

    we apologise for that.
    the reason why we had to make this restriction is, that we had many bots that spammed our community with commercials and spyware.
    we had to do this, as it is easier to delete one spam every 20 minutes, than to try to delete hundreds of spams of fake bot users which they posted within seconds.
    i hope you are not angry with us about that.

    but why does the other things NOT work like they used to?

    we are here to help, if you have any questions about them.
    but please note: most of us are users who help other users, because someone else helped us in the past, and we want to give the same in return, so we might not be perfect, but we will try to give our best.

    many thanks and best regards.

  • @Meta-Chuh I do NOT hold the time restriction against anyone I fully understand such needs. I agree with those that you stated.
    I also see the difference between the tail mode and the Update silenty mode.
    When in tail mode the file is read-only which makes sense.
    If you are familiar with unix/linux systems then you will know that when in tailing a file in the console window that you CAN enter text and most users use this ability to just add some blank lines by hitting the <enter> key several time so that they can “set a marker” as to where they were to see what comes after that.
    In NotePad++ I, when in tail mode, I set a bookmark to see what would happen when the file was updated. Well as soon as the file updated the bookmark was deleted.
    I think it would be a VERY GOOD feature that the bookmarks be left in place. As far as I know the bookmarks are only in the editor and NOT stored in the file so this would NOT distort anything.

    I asked around where I work if any of the long time users of NotePad++ knew that NotePad++ now has the tail mode. None of them did. I was happy to inform them that it was added some three years ago. I think that this would get the proper advertisment if information was placed in the MISC. dialog just under the “Update silently” and “Scroll to the last line after update” checkboxes. If such information HAD been placed earlier then I would have learned three years ago that that LONG AWAITED feature had been delivered.
    I thought about as to the why we did not see the info about this and came to the conclusion that 1. We all do NOT update with each and every release and 2. Not everyone reads the readme information about any programs because we are trying to do something else more important. Being as NotePad++ can update itself and re-start automatically WITHOUT lossing our configuration setting (very few programmers even care about doing needed work like that) we just go right to work with what we were doing and tell ourselves will will read that stuff later and as you know later never comes.

    So thanks for the GREAT help and please have someone get the OLD functionality of the Update Silently and you know what back to the perfection that the 32bit version had.

    If I could have the 32bit and the 64bit versions installed on the same machine at the same time it would be easier to do an exact comparision but it is better the way it currently is because it would make it TOO complicated for normal people to know which one they were calling. e.g. when having the File Explorer open files with NotePad++. Imagine if there were two entries one for the 32bit version and one for the 64bit version :-)

  • @FrankAndrew57 said:

    If I could have the 32bit and the 64bit versions installed on the same machine at the same time it would be easier to do an exact comparision

    The portable versions of each would be great for this kind of compare; both can exist on the same system.

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