NOTEPAD ++ 7.5.9 > Post Zen Coding Plugin Not Working!

  • After updating NOTEPAD ++ 7.5.9, the zen coding plug-in does not work. I want emergency help. Notepad ++ must be updated.

  • @Eduardo-Gonzales ,

    I want emergency help

    I think we need to start by adjusting your expectations. Notepad++ is free and open source software. You didn’t pay the developers for their time and effort. Further, you haven’t come to an official “support” hotline, where you are paying for immediate answers to your problems; you have come to the Community forum, where people from the Notepad++ Community, who are fellow Notepad++ users (and occasionally people who have participated in development, though not always, or even necessarily often) who come to this forum to freely give their time to help users – both long-term or new – solve problems or find workarounds.

    And note my use of the word “workarounds”: often, we in the Community provide you with debugging help, and once the problem is found, come up with alternates or workarounds to help you through your issue, because we cannot directly create updates to the Notepad++ core code, and/or to the plugin code involved; and even when bug reports are issued in the proper channels for the application or the appropriate plugin, they can take weeks or months before they are implemented and released (if ever).

    In light of these circumstances, instead of demanding our immediate help, you should politely request help.

    on to your specific technical problem:

    After updating NOTEPAD ++ 7.5.9

    Does that mean you previously had v7.5.9, and it has now updated to a new version? Or that you had an even older version, and have now upgraded to v7.5.9? Because the likely solution paths will be different for those two circumstances. Also,

    are you using 32-bit or 64-bit Notepad++? (Zen Coding plugin is currently only released for the 32-bit.)

    Both of those questions will be correctly answered by sending us the ? > Debug Info > Copy debug info into clipboard. Further, so we know which copy of Zen Coding is installed, please go to Plugins > Zen Coding - Python > About and let us know exactly what that dialog box says – or, if there is no Plugins > Zen Coding - Python, let us know that.

    plug-in does not work

    Could you give us specifics? Does that mean it doesn’t exist in the menu after you install it? Or it does exist in the menu, but nothing happens when you try to use it? Or something happens, but that “something” is an error message?

    Giving us information will do a lot more to help us help you than using exclamation points and demanding compliance to your desires.

    If you provide us with information, and treat us in a reasonable manner, we will do our best to help you.

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