Notepad versus Wordpad..

  • I have been in electronics and computers for years and wonder what peoples thoughts are in relation to Notepad versus Wordpad, Notepad being the far earlier version in all DOS and Windows OS’s. We may have different views of Microsoft, MAC and Linux and for me they are all familiar and I use what is available.

    Personally Windows 10 is my least favorite of all Windows OS’s and XP ver 3 and Win 7 my favorites aside from Linux Mint that only seems to be getting better as time goes by. Libre Office, Open Office and a variety of smaller word processors, spreadsheets, special apps for the scientific field are also available.

    However Notepad and Wordpad I always fall back on in DOS or Windows. And as noted they work faster, take less power and their files are smaller like the old WordPerfect 51 for DOS.

    Comments welcome please…

  • It’s interesting that you never once mentioned “Notepad++”, which is the application discussed in these forums. One wonders why you even found this forum, or decided to post that here. (My two working theories are either that you had no clue that the ++ in the name, Notepad++ which is listed all over this website, was meant to differentiate it from windows’ notepad.exe, or that you were trying to troll us. I hope it was not the second.)

    Notepad++ has a significantly larger feature set then windows’ built-in notepad.exe; in any case where in the “old days” I would have used builtin notepad.exe, I will now use Notepad++ (when at all possible).

    Regarding notepad.exe vs Wordpad: that’s off topic here.

    Comparing Notepad++ to Wordpad: they have two different primary goals; Wordpad’s main goal is to be a rich-text editor (a word-processor-“lite”); Notepad++'s main goal is to be a plaintext editor, with additional features that help with source code (both “programming” languages like C or Python, and “markup” languages like XML/HTML or Markdown) plus customization and automation features.

  • Yes I realized that but but lumped it all together and your right. Nope trolling is not my game! On the other side Notepad ++ I thought was still Microsoft as things change in hardware and software so quickly so I appreciate your comments.

  • There was another edit app in DOS years ago as well, many moons ago called MS DOS Editor.

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