Bug with Word Wrapping function

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    I have found a bug in Notepad++ connected to Word Wrap function. When you paste (and probably type, or delete as well) some text to Notepad++ and the Word Wrap function is enabled, there can be situations in which it enters the infinite loop with word wrapping and the vertical scroll appears to change its “fullness” between 100% and (in my case) ~90%. During this cycle if you switch to another tab and then switch back, all tabs disappear (tabs are not rendered) - probably because they are rendered after the word wrap reflow or something.

    I can’t explain it better, just check these screenshots:

    Also, I’ve made a video to show the exact behavior:

    I don’t know for sure, but it’s probably somehow might be connected to the fact that when wrapping function is executed the scroll is present, and after the execution it probably disappears, thus forcing it to re-wrap or something.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Enable Word Wrap
    2. Resize the viewport to have the size as on the screenshots (probably will work with somewhat different sizes as well)
    3. Paste the text from this text file (or open in in notepad):

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