A bug when creating a new text file (2d episode)

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    I start a new topic, about a possible bug I experiment with NP 7.7.7
    I rewrite my post, as the first one was not clear enough to correctly expose my problem.

    I am running windows seven x64 and I replaced the original notepad with notepad++ 7.7.7
    I was browsing my harddisk and found an old text document that I named “adr mail (2017)”, with two spaces between “mail” and “(2017)”
    If I double-click on its name, Notepad++ opens a window and gives me an error : “0” doesn’t exist. Create it?
    and does not open the file.
    If I right click on the name, and choose “open with notepad++”, the file opens without error.

    Other case, that you can experiment easily, with a new text file : In explorer, right click “new” then “text file”, name it “sample text” (with two spaces between ‘sample’ and ‘text’.
    The file est created. But Notepad++ doesn’t open it by double-clicking (error : “0” doesn’t exist. Create it?)

    And this also occurs with the previous version (7.6.6)

    Do you experiment the same bug ?
    Thank you for replies ;)

    Especially for Meta Chuh :

    You wrote : “opening a file with 2 consecutive spaces in its file name, like test 2 spaces.txt, works both if i open it from explorer with right click > edit with notepad++ and works via the notepad++ menu file > open.”
    Yes, these both ways work for me
    but not if i create a new document with 2 spaces in its name, and try to open it by double clicking.

    You also wrote : “please also go to the notepad++ menu settings > preferences > default directory and make sure that use new style dialog is enabled”
    I enabled and disabled this parameter : nothing changes.

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