N++ default font contains visually ambiguous characters

  • Yes, I understand the choice to use a monospaced font, but there are other monospaced fonts, and “Courier New” has a lower-case ell (l) and a numeral one (1) that are basically indistinguishable.
    See this example image.
    Why was this chosen as the default font, and can we use a different default font instead? Lucidia Console (a.k.a. Monaco), for example.

  • @cowlinator said:

    default font

    To quote myself from earlier today:

    The wonderful thing about tiggers… er, I mean, Notepad++, is that it’s highly configurable.

    If you don’t like a default, change the setting yourself. Style Configurator is your friend.

    Why was this chosen

    “Courier New” was probably chosen because it’s nearly universal on Windows machines, dating back as far as I can remember(*) in my font-based computing, and can be counted on to be there. And maybe there are people who prefer Courier New over Lucida Console, or whatever other “default” you might want to suggest.

    In the end, no default setting will make everyone happy for a given application, so the author picked some default and gave users the ability to change it. Since it’s configurable, the chances are pretty slim that the default will change.

    update: * “as far back”: a quick search found that Courier New was introduced as the system font in Windows 3.1 back in 1992. The first reference I can find to Lucida Console was Win 2000.

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