Personal Syntax Highlight

  • I would like to use UDL to implement a higlight not for some code but for some log files. Messages in this files may look like this:

    01.01.2000 00:00:00 [MESSAGE TYPE]: Some message|Using|Delimiters^or maybe several types^of delimiters

    I have reached a conclusion that if I want to implement it I need to use kind of regex in UDL like a mask for timestamp, begin-of-line-anchor and so on. Because keywords and operators highlight functional is not enough for this purpose. Is there any chance to implement it?

  • @vk, welcome to Notepad++ Community.

    The UDL does not handle regular expressions, as you’ve discovered. UDL isn’t likely to change much, especially not in the near future.

    However, @Ekopalypse has shared the, which is a script for the PythonScript plugin, which allows adding highlights based on regular expressions.

  • Thank you for your answer, @PeterJones!
    I’ll try to use this plugin.

  • @vk

    if you install pythonscriptplugin, check the samples out, there is an LogFileLexer example, maybe you can already use it like it is.

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