How To Delete Specific String In Macro Recorder

  • I have very large text files which have all sorts of unwanted data. The data must be parsed to remove most of the unwanted text. I haven’t been able to write a “Search And Replace” which will cut some of this unwanted data. Would someone be so kind to show me how I can eliminate the unwanted text. Note the text preceding the “,Done” can be almost any name. So there needs to be a wildcard.

    Change From:

    Change To:

    What was removed:

  • @Anthony-Jocius

    There must be more to the story as a simple replacement of CycleTimes,Done, with nothing seems to do the job…?

  • The part of the string “CycleTimes” can be any text. That is the whole story. I’m new to Notepad++ and am trying to use it more efficiently.

  • I’d be tempted to try:

    Find: ,[^,]+,Done
    Replace: nothing
    Search mode: Regular expression

    The “funky part”, the [^,]+ means “one or more characters that aren’t comma”.

  • Amazing. It works like a champ. Thank you for giving the pathway to much smaller text files. Thank you, sir.

  • @Anthony-Jocius


    Check out this link and the things it links to in order to really understand the magic. :)

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