UDL issue with fold in code one items

  • Under fold in code two items there can be two separate kinds of entries also note that each open, middle and end should support parens and | (ors) to allow multiple indexed entries so the entries can be processed as indexed () would be a null middle entry – in SQL folds 2a for IF/(THEN|ELSE|ELSEIF)/(ENDIF|“END IF”) or {CASE/(WHEN|OTHERWISE|ELSE)/(ENDCASE|“END CASE”) or (BEGIN|CREATE)/()/END and others … can have other items nested inside with zero or more middles and one or more ends however fold(2b) for “/”"/" and ‘/’’/’ have single middles and nothing can be nested inside. I believe to support this there needs to be a fold option 2a and a fold option 2b that has a middle and DISALLOWS nesting under style. That all contributes to the following revised definitions for forward and backward in the UDL as requested by the help author.

    There is a request to provide a better definition for backward and forward in terms of matching in the documentation.

    Forward would appear to be “delimited matching” where for a value to be matched it needs to be bounded by a white space item (one of the following on either end (can be different for each end) – space, \t(tab), \r(carriage return), \n(line feed) OR selected undelimited characters (like operators1 (+, -, …) or fold1 ((/),{/},[/})) OR probably end of file, start of file and maybe a few others)

    Backward is undelimited matching the current position contains the start of the matched value regardless of the value of the preceding or trailing characters or lack thereof.

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