VHDL quotation (") character matching - syntax highlighting malfunction

  • Considering the following example function:

    function eg_func(Value: String) return Boolean is
       variable V: String(1 to Value'LENGTH) := Value;
       variable Result: Boolean;
       for i in 1 to Value'LENGTH loop
          if V(i) = '"' then
             Result <= TRUE;
             Result <= FALSE;
          end if;
       end loop;
       return Result;

    When this code is used in Notepad++, everything following

    if V(i) = '"'...

    no longer has language keyword/syntax highlighting, all text being default black font.

    I believe this maybe due to the tool viewing (") as an open quotation despite it being used for character matching as a condition comparator within single quotes.

    Is this in fact a bug or can someone see something I am doing incorrectly? Maybe there is a construct I am unaware of for searching quotation characters within strings?

  • @tech_newb: Welcome to the Notepad++ Community.

    Is this in fact a bug or can someone see something I am doing incorrectly

    I cannot replicate your described behavior:

    The highlighting continues beyond that row for me in v7.7 64-bit.

    There might be something with your particular version.

    If you go to ? > Debug Info, you can click on the “Copy debug info into clipboard” shown in my image, and directly paste the debug-info text into your reply. Or you can do a screenshot, upload to a service like imgur, and use syntax ![](https://i.imgur.com/01hOo1m.gif) to embed the image (making sure to have the direct img URL, not the imgur “display page” which includes html to display the image with all their formatting and internal/external links).

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