Better (and updated) native Powershell support

  • Powershell syntax highlight needs update. For example all cmdlet keywords should be like this:
    ^add- ^clear- ^close- ^copy- ^enter- ^exit- ^find- ^format- ^get- ^hide- ^join- ^lock- ^move- ^new- ^open- ^optimize- ^pop- ^push- ^redo- ^remove- ^rename- ^reset- ^resize- ^search- ^select- ^set- ^show- ^skip- ^split- ^step- ^switch- ^undo- ^unlock- ^watch- ^backup- ^checkpoint- ^compare- ^compress- ^convert- ^convertfrom- ^convertto- ^dismount- ^edit- ^expand- ^export- ^group- ^import- ^initialize- ^limit- ^merge- ^mount- ^out- ^publish- ^restore- ^save- ^sync- ^unpublish- ^update- ^approve- ^assert- ^complete- ^confirm- ^deny- ^disable- ^enable- ^install- ^invoke- ^register- ^request- ^restart- ^resume- ^start- ^stop- ^submit- ^suspend- ^uninstall- ^unregister- ^wait- ^debug- ^measure- ^ping- ^repair- ^resolve- ^test- ^trace- ^connect- ^disconnect- ^read- ^receive- ^send- ^write- ^block- ^grant- ^protect- ^revoke- ^unblock- ^unprotect- ^use-

    This way all supported Ver-Noun combinations are automatically highlighted. Also we need support for comparison operators like:

    Those should have their own class and those should be highlighted so that also the minus sign is highligted.

    Also what is needed is to have support (and own class) for [someword] syntax. This way for example [bool]$istrue = $true the word ‘bool’ is highlighted like in Visual Studio. Also there are more keywords that is needed for syntax highligting like:
    begin process end throw trap data dynamicparam param in exit

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