How can I speed up Notepad++ ?

  • Let me start by saying the Notepad++ is literally the only piece of software I’ve been able to find to open the KML file I get from Google Takeout when I want to export my location history. Because Google doesn’t allow me to specify which year I want to export, I always get everything - every little movement I’ve ever made since the beginning of 2012. Long story short, after I convert this KML file to the industry standard GPX format (using GPS Babel), I am left with a 300mb GPS track file which no bloody piece of software will open (except Notepad++).

    However, Notepad++, whilst it never just says “no, I won’t do it” like other software, it does really struggle. Whenever I scroll halfway down the document, Notepad++ freezes for like 5 minutes before it updates.

    What can I do to speed Notepad++ up? I realise I’m asking a lot of it, but if there is any way to make the process a bit more fluid and responsive, I’ve be very grateful to hear it.

    Thank you


  • @Jan Sublime
    Try “Sublime Text” it works faster with huge files.

  • @Jan

    this might be an issue with some plugins or and styler and how the data is saved.
    For example, it is known that scintilla doesn’t like big one liners so if your data is basically one line and you use word wrap to make it appear as multiple lines then
    the idea would be to make sure that the data has proper EOLs.

    If you use npp together with plugins make sure that those do not interfere with your data,
    like spellcheckers which want to scan the whole document about errors.

    If the gpx format is assigned to a lexer which does the coloring, consider using
    normal text language instead.

    For example, I have to work a lot with xml and json files and if those are big I rename it temporarily as my.xml.txt, open it and start editing. Works well.

  • Even if @Ekopalypse 's suggestions work for you, it seems like having a script to break up the file into year-size-chunks would be a sensible thing to do. I have no idea what the format for your file is, but I would think you could parse it with a Python script or something and break it into more manageable size pieces.

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