File length is too large and lines number can not show completly.

  • Status bar
    length : 979,512 lines : 17,81???

  • @a761208 said:

    length : 979,512 lines : 17,81???

    My initial guess is that lines will be 17810 or thereabouts. Given you have a length of just under 1 million, the number of lines could not exceed that. As the , is showing I’m guessing it will be between 17810 and 17819. Do you have the Notepad++ view narrow? If so, widen it and the number should appear properly. Maybe even make it full screen.

    You can also see this information from the “Summary” window, available from the “View” menu.


  • @Terry-R said:

    Do you have the Notepad++ view narrow?

    I ran a quick experiment: yes, if you shrink the window width too far, you can cut off part of the “lines: ####” display.

    That’s likely the OP’s problem

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