Alternatives to Notepad++?

  • What text editors do you guys use?
    I am currently using Notepad++ to compare and analyze large configs for different devices daily and wondering if there are better alternatives?

    I have heard of emacs and vim but don’t know the features that might help me.Do people here use Notepad++?
    I rarely see web developers using Notepad++, it’s mostly Sublime or Atom for them.

    I wanna know what is the difference as a web developer POV .

  • Obviously this is the wrong place to ask. There are probably very few non-Notepad++ users that visit this forum. You can mostly get answers regarding what alternatives were tried before going back to Notepad++.

    Vim is the masochist editor of choice. Extremely powerful and extremely difficult to use (not to say master). Its advantages are: (1) it’s light (2) it’s not-gui (3) it comes with almost every Linux installation. For embedded developers that need to ssh into remote gui-less machines and perform some light editing on a file or two this is the tool of choice.

    Don’t know much about web developers but trying to be a troll I would guess most web developers are required to have delicate taste for the visual which is offended by Notepad++ archaic look so they prefer the more modern alternatives.

    Personally I use Notepad++ for coding, VIM (as less as reasonably possible) for the purpose stated above and for comparing text files I like diffuse.

  • Just to second, I use both Notepad++ and Vim for the reasons stated above. It is more powerful than NPP and more difficult to learn and use. It also has a much bigger plugin community which is something that I wish NPP had. I use both for coding.

  • @Steven-Haymes said:

    much bigger plugin community

    I think N++ offers a decently-sized choice of plugins, but as I’m not familiar with vim, maybe I’m miscalibrated. :-~

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