Notepad++ crashes unexpectedly

  • I have the latest version of notepad++ 7.7.1 64 bit, and I’m on windows 10.
    This is on TWO different PC, and is installed with all of the plugins on both
    PC as seen in the below links.

    On both PC, while working for no particular reason, notepad++ will freeze up
    then crash and dissappear. When I restart I see:

    I feel like one of some of the plugins is causing this. I added many of them
    at the same time on both PC. Before this I never had an issue. On other PC
    that do not have the plugins I have no issues.

    Please advise.

    James Anning

  • @Aj-Anning

    while testing this I came across the same issue. Actually there is not
    much npp can do in this case as every plugin has full access to the exposed functions, handles etc…
    There is not much to propose then remove one plugin after the other and see if you still
    encounter the issue. If I were asked which one I should start with, then I would say DSpellChecker is a good one.

  • Thats what I thought I’d have to do. it begin when I added 20+ plugins at once…so, from another post >
    move all the .dll and subfolders from C:\p\Notepad++\plugins* into a “disabled” subfolder C:\p\Notepad++\plugins\disabled*. Restart Notepad++ and make sure it’s still not crashing on exit.
    Then move one .dll or subfolder at a time back into C:\p\Notepad++\plugins*, until it starts crashing again. The one you added just before the crash is the likely culprit – which you can further confirm by re-removing it, and/or making that one the only active plugin.

    This seems like the only approach.

    Is there a way to be email notified when this post is updated?

  • @Aj-Anning said:

    Is there a way to be email notified when this post is updated?

    Not that I’m aware but maybe someone else knows.

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