Copy all formats to clipboard not working (v. 7.7.1)

  • I was using version 7.7.1 of the software I cannot get the NPPExport command Copy all formats to clipboard to work. It pops up a message that says some type of Access Violation. I have installed version 7.5 because I need the feature of Notepad++. If anyone can help, so I can go back to the latest version let me know. Thanks

  • See the discussion in this topic from a couple months ago – in @Michael-VIncent’s last post in that topic, he links to a pre-release version of NppExport which should work with Notepad++ v7.7.1.

  • In case you didn’t follow over to the other thread (and to make it easier for future readers):

    there is a new official / released tag for NppExport v0.2.9.21 [intended to fix the copy-all-formats bug]. You should be able to download the appropriate x86 or x64 zip, and install it over your existing NppExport, and hopefully that will work for you.

  • Hi, super helpful. Thanks so much :)

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