bat file opening in MS notepad, now to open in npp?

  • When I right click on a bat file in windows explorer, I see

    • open, clicking which runs the file.
    • edit, that opens MS notepad.

    I want this edit to open file in npp instead.

    I tried going through npp menu - settings - file association. bat extenstion was not there, so I went to customize and added bat and registered.

    but that removed the right-click edit option altogether, and only “open” is remaining there, clicking which opens the file in npp for editing, but now I can’t run the bat file.

    so, please guide how to open bat file in npp instead of in MS notepad.


  • If you have the Edit with Notepad++ entry applied to all file types, it shows up whether or not the program has an “association” with Notepad++. That’s the safer way to do that.

    Go see for a very recent discussion started on how to get that entry. (ie, it was the post I answered just before reading yours.)

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