Notepad++ in SCCM Managed Environment

  • I am a longtime user of Notepad++ and appreciate all of the work that goes into its development. I also work in IT and manage my company’s environment with SCCM. We have several users who want to utilize newer versions of Notepad++, but unfortunately I cannot quite seem to figure out a way to meet their needs…

    I need to deploy Notepad++ to users without administrative rights. The application should not prompt the user to automatically update Notepad++ but we want to continue allowing the users to manage their plugins. Prior to 7.6.3, we were able to use the minimalist package and add gpup.exe and plugin manager to allow users to install plugins to their user directory. With the new plugin admin, it seems to use the same updater process as Notepad++.

    Is there a way to disable/suppress automatic update checks for just Notepad++?

    Additionally, I understand that users will need permissions to modify the plugins folder. However, is there documentation on what other files they will need to be able to modify for plugin admin to operate without elevated privileges?

  • Is bumping frowned upon in this forum?

  • @Richard-C said in Notepad++ in SCCM Managed Environment:

    Is bumping frowned upon in this forum?

    Not exactly. But here’s the thing: You asked a question, and I’m thinking the lack of reply was due to no one knowing the answer. If you were rather making a feature request (veiled as a question), then a lack of any kind of response is because you do not make feature requests here you make feature requests there–actually that link just tells you how, but the “real there” is in that link. Developers that can see your request don’t typically hang out here but rather hang out there.

  • @Richard-C

    The auto-update disable part is “easy”, you can just disable it (Settings, Preferences, Misc) and that writes to the Config.xml file in the root directory of Notepad++, so you could also probably set a default value in the config.xml file in the package you’re going to push to users. Search for “auto update disable” in this forum, there are lots of posts about how to do it.

    With regards to plugin installs in a user directory (e.g., AppData/Roaming/Notepad++) without admin rights, I unfortunately can’t hep with that. I know there have been changes between 7.6 and above but I’ve always had admin rights to my machine and just install the whole ZIP package under C:\usr\bin\npp and keep plugins under that subdirectory path.


  • @Alan-Kilborn Thank you for the information. My intent was not to make a feature request here but was an honest question that may turn into a feature request if it is not possible. I appreciate the link to the feature request and based on the responses, will submit a feature request.

    @Michael-Vincent Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately updater is used both to update Notepad++ and the plugins. Disabling the updater disables updates to both.

  • @Richard-C : of course we have the line
    <GUIConfig name=“noUpdate”>yes</GUIConfig>
    in C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\config.model.xml

    and we also replace the update url in C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\updater\gup.xml :
    to avoid NP++ manual updates.

    (x86) if you have the 32bits version…

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