File Backup Failed

  • The following message pops up when saving a file --> The previous version of the file could not be saved into the backup directory at “.\junk.txt.2019-08-30_155609.bak”. Do you want to save the current file anyways? I’ve changed the Backup On Save save settings to Verbose with a Custom Backup Directory of “.” (just a period). Can someone make this work? Version v7.7.1 64-bit on Windows 10

  • @paulteigeler said:

    Custom Backup Directory of “.” (just a period)

    Unfortunately, in this dialog, . doesn’t mean what you think it means. Based on my experiments, it means the current directory, as seen by the Notepad++ application… not the current file’s directory. (This will often be the executable directory, which you might not have write permssion, or wherever your shortcut’s “Start In” value points to.)

    • the $(CURRENT_DIRECTORY) nomenclature, which grabs the directory of the current file, and works in the RUN menu and in NppExec does not work here.

    • If I try to set the custom backup directory to a folder without write permission, I get the same error you get.

    • If I try to do another relative custom directory, like NppBackupHeya with no absolute path before it, it tries to write to the <Notepad++ current directory>\NppBackupHeya\ , which is not what’s intended, either. (if that folder exists, it will write there; but it won’t create it, even if it has write permission to that directory. interesting)

    • If I try to set it to a full hardcoded path, it works just fine.

    Maybe someone else knows a way to put that file in the current file’s directory, rather than either the NppBackup subfolder or a single hardcoded location.

  • @PeterJones said:

    or wherever your shortcut’s “Start In” value points to

    Actually, I redid my experiment: my start in setting points to a different directory than the executable’s directory, but it still does the relative backup save relative to the executable’s directory.

  • Ok, hopefully somebody knows or can fix it.

  • @paulteigeler

    …or can fix it

    I think it falls in the feature request arena; it’s not something that is technically broken.

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