Need a domain name for Notepad++ User Manual site

  • The user manual of Notepad++ has been deployed here (generated by Hugo, by using Hugo book theme), it looks and feels much better, and easier for the navigation:

    It needs a good domain name ( Any idea for the new domain name ?

  • @donho

    not quite sure I understand correctly but first thing came to my mind was
    that it should have notepad++ or npp in it and maybe add to_the_rescue !?

  • I would recommend one of these:

    The advantage with these is that all the Notepad++ resources (downloads, community and the user guide) are on the same web site. Having a new web site dilutes and would separate the pieces.

  • @Ekopalypse

    Yes, there should be npp in it.


    Yes, it’s better under domain indeed. However, they are always 2 websites because Notepad++ User Manual is supposed to be managed by the community without my intervention. is used finally.
    It’s already online:

  • It’s a little bit late now, but why not a subdomain?

    Similar to

  • Hello,@donho

    Follow these steps, To domain name for Notepad++ user manual site:

    Step 1 :- Open Notepad++.
    Step 2 :- In the top menu, click Plugins->NppFTP -> Show NppFTP Window.Opening the FTP section of Notepad++.
    Step 3 :- The NppFTP window will now be displayed. Click the Settings button, then click the
    Profile Settings option.
    Step 4 :- In the Profile Settings window, click Add new.
    Step 5 :- In the Adding profile menu, enter a name for this FTP connection and click the OK
    button. saving my ftp profile settings in notepad++
    Step 6 :- Now enter your FTP information, you will need to enter your specific credentials. Below is an example of the settings, for more information see our Getting Started guide on FTP.

    * Option	         ||    Example
    Hostname	         ||
    Connection type          ||    This should be set to FTP
    Port	                 ||    This should always be 21.
    Username	         ||    userna99
    Password	         ||    Enter your password here.
    Ask for password  	 ||    Do not check this option.
    Timeout (seconds)	 ||    This is how long it will try to connect before giving up. Default is 30 (for 30 seconds).
    Initial remote           ||    /public_html    

    Step 7 :- Your settings are now saved, click the Connect button, and click your new connection to open it.Opening FTP connection You will then see your files / folders listed, you can click them to navigate. If you double click a file it will open and allow you to view / edit the text or code.view of files in notepad++.

    I hope above information will be useful for you.
    Thank you.

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