MAC encoding in cyrillic Windows

  • I work in the Russian version of windows. And I type the text file in cp1251 - the standard cyrillic encoding of windows. Why will Notepad ++ open it in MAC encoding? Moreover, if I explicitly specify the cp1251 encoding, the next time the file is still opened in MAC encoding. I don’t understand what relation the MAC encoding has to the window system and windows program, where does it come from ?!
    Example (in cp1251):
    Планы на МЕСЯЦ

    • 01.09.19
      13.00 Совсибирь
    • 02.09.19
      13.00 Совсибирь, Лена расчетчица

    Opened text:
    ѕланы на ћ≈—я÷

    • 01.09.19
      13.00 —овсибирь
    • 02.09.19
      13.00 —овсибирь, Ћена расчетчица

  • @Сергей-Зеленовский

    Npp tries to find out which file has been encoded how by using the mozilla chardet library.
    This setting is configured via
    Settings->preferences->misc.->autodetect character encoding
    I would uncheck it, if you have issues with it.

  • Thank, works. So, for my example, the mozilla chardet library does not work correctly.

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