Notepad++ doesn't notify any more of changes on other open files

  • Since my Thu 15 Aug 2019 I update from npp7.5.9 to npp7.7.1, Notepad++ ceased to notify me of changes made by external programs to the OTHER files open in NPP.
    This is very annoying in my case.
    I keep ~100 files open, of which ~30 are copies of directories of my ~30 discs of (full legit) TV-recorded videos.
    Each time a video filename is added or changed on one of these discs, a .BAT file on that disc updates a local DIR file and copies it to my main disc.
    Up to version 7.5.9, any change would trigger a windowlet saying something like “File DIR… has been changed by another program. Do you want to reload it?”, so I had just to click OK.
    Since the upload this notification does NOT happen any more “spontaneously”; the notification now only happens when I open the changed file, which of course only happens when I know the file has changed, which defeats the efficiency of my whole system of video file log.
    I have tried to toggle the “Monitoring (tail -f)” status (eye icon in the icon bar, at 26th position in my case) of the files involved, but it doesn’t work, neither when “on” nor “off”.
    How can I revert to previous behavior? TIA,
    Versailles, Wed 04 Sep 2019 18:21:10 +0200, edited (1 typo) 18:23:35

  • @Michel-Merlin

    Have you checked your File Status Auto-Detection preference setting?

    Try Enabled for all opened files.

    Here’s the lowdown on how it works:

    • Enable <-- popup prompt when user switches tab back to one that has had a file status change

    • Enable for all opened files <-- popup prompt globally whenever file status changes

    • Disable <-- never popup prompt

    Also, RTFM:

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