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  • @guy038 said in [New Plugin] ExtSettings:

    So, may be, it would be worth to add, in your plugin, a Default option, for the Indentation guide lines feature, which would let N++ decide, by itself !

    I think about to remove the whole indentation guide line feature from my plugin. As you already noticed, Notepad++ now (since v7.8) switches to Python style by itself when it detects that the current active tab contains a Python code file and it switches to Standard style when it detects a non-Python file. Since this Scintilla setting has global scope, Notepad++ does this decision at every tab switch. I figured out that it does that even when changing the theme. So my plugin virtually has “to fight” against the build-in Notepad++ logic and, like when changing the theme, there are cicumstances it “looses” that fight. Since I don’t like non-robust features and I don’t want to fiddle around in Notepad++ too much, it’s likely to be the best to remove that feature.

    you could consider a default one, which leave all the N++ options unchanged.

    I think that’s not a good idea because the defaults of Notepad++ could change over time, thus I would have to synchronize my plugin with the changes in Notepad++. If a user wants a default configuration he only has to delete the settings file.

  • First, thank you for your work on this plugin, I’ve found it very useful!

    I would like to report two small issues. The first is with adding vertical lines.
    Expected Behavior: I enter a column, I click “Add”, I get a new vertical line in that list in the bottom left.
    Actual Behavior: I enter a column, I click “Add”, and I get no response. I need to select a color first, even though the color picker implies that it’s defaulting to black.

    This behavior led me to believe your plugin was bugged until I looked into it more. Making this a bit more user-friendly by actually having it default to black (or grey if you’re worried about people using dark themes) would help.

    The second issue. With the Extended Settings menu open, when I alt-tab out of Notepad++, I cannot alt-tab back in.
    Expected Behavior: Open ExtSetting Menu. Alt-tab onto a window that covers Notepad++. Alt-tab back to Notepad++. Notepad++ should be the top-level window graphically and in the alt-tab menu.
    Actual Behavior. Open ExtSetting Menu. Alt-tab onto a window that covers Notepad++. Alt-tab back to Notepad++. Notepad++ is not the top-level window graphically, but IS the top-level window in the alt-tab menu.

  • @Charles-Bogel

    Thank you for your issue reports. You are absolutely right with both of them. Unfortunately I’m very busy in my job for the next months. So, don’t expect a short-time fix, sorry.

  • @dinkumoil
    Thanks for this nice plugin.
    Is it possible to add on the UI a button to apply the configuration ?


  • @cmeriaux

    You mean applying the settings without closing the dialog? I already thought about it. I agree it would be useful.

    But as I said, currently I’m so busy in my job that I’m happy to be off-keyboard late in the evenings and even at the weekends.

  • @dinkumoil yes that’s it. You perfectly got my point ;-)

    Are you on github ? Any chance that someone else can contribute ?

  • @cmeriaux

    The plugin is hosted at SoureForge in an SVN repository and is written with Delphi XE2. If you have an SourceForge account we can talk about collaboration. Another possibility would be to exchange *.patch files.

  • @dinkumoil said in [New Plugin] ExtSettings:

    Delphi XE2

    It would have been nice but I don’t know anything in Delphi XE2

  • Finally, Backspace unindents!

    Thanks OP, much appreciated

  • @dinkumoil

    In Notepad++ v7.9.1 32-bit the settings are not being saved.

    Any chance of an update?

  • @Jeb-Dude

    In Notepad++ v7.9.1 32-bit the settings are not being saved.

    I’m not able to reproduce that with a portable v7.9.1 32 bit.

    Any chance of an update?

    It’s in the pipeline, but it may still take a while.

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