NppExec clipboard data from windows

  • Hi
    On NppExec i have to copi data from one windows to one other.
    It appears that the clipboard does not copy data from one window to another.
    If I exec a1 and a2 data are copied, when npp exec it, data are not copied.

    npp_menucommand Macro/a1 (This copy data on clipboard)
    npp_open -.xml
    npp_menucommand Macro/a2 (This not paste previews data copied and copie other data on clipboard)
    npp_saveas $(CLIPBOARD_TEXT).xml (Here data from a2 are present)

  • As discussed in e-mail, the usage of
    sci_sendmsg SCI_PASTE
    instead of the
    npp_menucommand Macro/a2
    solves the problem.

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