Search & Replace with carriage return regex (?-s)"." doesn't work

  • I"m in the replace tab.

    In the find what I type in regex (?-s)"."
    In the replace with I type “;”

    I tried all options normal, extended, regular expression
    none of them worked.

    It says “Can’t find the text
    what regex (?-s)”."

    What am I doing wrong?

  • @Edwin-T

    how does your text look like?
    You are searching for any char encased by double quotes, is this intentional?

  • @Edwin-T

    I think what Eko is getting at is that there are several types of double quotes when one considers unicode and maybe what you are searching for isn’t the same type as in your document. Note also that sometimes the opening double quote is the same as the closing double quote, and sometimes they are different. Know your data.

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