Decode problem

  • Just upgraded from npp 6.x to 7.7.1 (x64) and now I can no longer decode a file which was encoded in the old version. Every attempt fails with varying messages.

    Favorite error message is:
    Length of selected text (not including EOL) to be decoded is invalid.
    It should be mod 4.

    After the upgrade, it looks like my original encoded file changed and now has xml? code at the top.
    <nppcrypt version=“1013”>
    <encryption cipher=“rijndael256” mode=“gcm” encoding=“base64” tag=“Co0D1uBgUqgTUe2KH3xY7w==” />
    <random iv=“HIoV1Vdh1zDqOIhyTlY4NQ==” salt=“pGI/+nAYzUxhQ1X0AksQbA==” />
    <key algorithm=“scrypt” N=“16384” r=“8” p=“1” />
    This code did not exist under v.6

    Any help would be appreciated. I tried installing v.6.7.8, but same exact problem.

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