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  • @donho

    Still facing performance issues. A few minutes ago I even had to re-login after a “Connection lost” message appeared.

  • OK, I will ask team for checking it.

  • @donho

    Since this morning I can see that my online status (the dot in my avatar icon displayed besides my comments) is green even when I’m logged out. That means the system considers me to be logged in though the toolbar in the upper right corner shows “Log in” instead of my avatar icon and I can not comment.

    When loggin in or out I get constantly the “connection lost” messages, sometimes the site reloads automatically.

    This new forum software seems to be very buggy. :-(

  • Just get the reply from nodebb.og team:

    Last week, we added some nginx rate limiting to resolve the issues with performance it seems those rules were too strict and was causing real users to experience slow downs. 
    I have changed those settings, let me know if you still notice lag when switching pages. 

    It seems the problem has been solved!

  • @donho

    Yeah, click response is much faster now!

    The only disadvantage of the new forum is that the browser needs to send the referrer in order to allow the forum to work correctly. Since this is a global setting I have to turn it on all the time.

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