"Remember" Find/Replace window position?

  • NP++ is awesome. I just wish it would “remember” where we moved the Find/Replace window from one session to the next, instead of always opening it over the editing window and making us move it out of the way each time. Will you please consider fixing that? Thanks! (I know we can make it transparent—but as it always opens directly over the editor, for some reason, it must be moved again anyway.)

  • I consider this a “small” thing. Moving the Find window one time is not a big deal to me as I typically open Notepad++ only once per day. However, since it bugs you you need to report it somewhere where someone that has power to work on it will see it, and that is here.

  • @Alan-Kilborn said in "Remember" Find/Replace window position?:

    I consider this a “small” thing. Moving the Find window one time is not a big deal to me as I typically open Notepad++ only once per day…

    Well, Alan, thanks for sharing all that (LOL). For the rest of us, though, who open NP++ only when we need it, it’d be great if the Find window didn’t keep hiding the editing area. I mean, as far as using the program, you know? Editing with it? Okay then.

  • @Anderwriter

    Well, Alan, thanks for sharing all that (LOL).

    Seems inappropriate to me to react like this to someone who tried to help.

  • I related my own personal experience, and provided the best solution to the OP. It seems the OP ignored the solution in order his excitement to make fun of me. Due to this, it will be unlikely to ever be a “problem” that will be solved. Doesn’t bother me, but will probably bother the OP continually and for many years to come.

  • @Alan-Kilborn Sorry—you were actually suggesting I leave NP++ open all the time? I didn’t think you were serious. I actually thought you might’ve been chiding the developer for making such a thing necessary. :?)

    But yes, I suppose I can do that as a workaround… Thanks for the idea!

  • The best advice I offered in the beginning…still ignored…

  • @Alan-Kilborn said in "Remember" Find/Replace window position?:

    The best advice I offered in the beginning…still ignored…

    I went back to see what you were referring to—and finally realized the single word “here” at the end of your first post was a link to another page. (This monitor doesn’t have the greatest contrast.) Okay then… Till now, I thought you’d just said the best place to post this issue was “here”, as in “this page”—which I’d already done, so I thought you were just being glib (hence my equally-glib reply). Hope this clarifies things. :?O

  • …And also why I was mystified when you acted like I was being ungrateful. (I would’ve added this to my preceding post, BTW, but the board apparently has a 1.5-min. time limit on how long you have to edit your own posts. :?| )

  • @Anderwriter

    It’s 3 minutes, at least I think so.

  • @Anderwriter said in "Remember" Find/Replace window position?:

    1.5-min. time limit on how long you have to edit your own posts. :?| )

    As @Alan-Kilborn said, the time limit is 3min (at least it was before the recent NodeBB forum-software upgrade; I haven’t tested what it is since the upgrade).

    And given the ?-emoticon, I’m assuming you’re curious as to why there’s a timeout for editing posts: it’s because the admins didn’t want people to be able to destroy context or manipulate historic posts to change the meaning of the conversation – or worse, didn’t want someone to start with a helpful answer which gets upvoted, then go back and change the post to include lots of spammy links, which future readers now think were upvoted/endorsed. I’m not saying you would do this… but the admins didn’t want that possibility, so made a timeout.

    The PREVIEW window to the right of the editor window when making a post is supposed to give you enough of a preview that you can see what you’re posting, and read through before hitting SUBMIT. Admittedly, even I miss typos or phrases I forgot to complete sometimes, so I have made good use of the 3min editing window.

    [edit 1: 1min]
    [edit 2: almost 3min after original post, or 2min after edit 1]

  • edit 3: Tried again another minute later, so about 4min after original post, and received:

    So yes, there’s a 3 minute timeout.

  • I pretty much like the timeout here. If you need/want to correct yourself, do it in a subsequent post in the thread. Sites that allow editing are in my opinion hard to follow: Things stop making sense after a while. Just when you think you’ve found the Stack Overflow (e.g.) posting that solves your problem, you read it closely and due to all the editing that occurs, it fails to make a great deal of sense. Sure, it made sense to the people doing it, right at the time of so doing, and I’m sure there is a way to “unravel” it and view what originally occurred there, but ugh, it gets annoying and painful.

    The only time I find it painful here is when I’ve made an obvious mistake of fact and I go to edit it and it is right on the hairy edge of being 3 mins, and I’m hurrying and making typos, and now I’ve finally got it! … but I’m just over the 3 minutes… TOO LATE!!!

  • Um, I see NP++'s Find window still conceals the main window by default. We sort of got off on a tangent here, didn’t we, with the squabbling?

    Any chance we can revisit this possible refinement to NP++? It “remembers” the main window’s position between sessions, and “remembers” the Find window’s position during sessions—so it doesn’t seem like NP++'s developers are opposed to the general idea. I’m simply suggesting that persistent positioning be extended to Find—so that once the user has made it clear where they want it to be, they won’t need to keep moving it there. Being able to configure one’s workspace this way has always been one of the primary benefits of “floating” forms.

    Thanks, guys—and this time, let’s try to stay on-topic, shall we? ;?)

  • @Anderwriter said in "Remember" Find/Replace window position?:

    Any chance we can revisit this possible refinement to NP++?

    Remembering the Find window position is a good idea, really. As Alan said in the first reply, while feature desires can be discussed in the Community Forum all you want, if you want your feature request to be tracked and possibly implemented, you would be well-advised to read and follow the feature request FAQ: filing a feature request in the appropriate place isn’t a guarantee it will be accepted or implemented, but it does improve the chances.

  • This may be gaining some traction; see recent activity here.

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