Notepad++ should support editorconfig out of the box

  • The most annoying problem I have with Notepad++ is when I quickly need to edit some files in a project and don’t want to open a full IDE (like Visual Studio) for that.

    In contrast to Notepad++ Visual Studio supports editorconfig out-of-the-box, so I don’t get indentation or other problems when I quickly want to edit a file there.
    Notepad++ does not. There you only have an plugin that you need to install afterwards.
    Especially contributors to FLOSS projects may not have this installed and thus sent code contributions/PRs with wrong formatting.

    So I’ve opened an issue to argue for full support/inclusion of editorconfig by default in Notepad++:

    Let’s tackle these annoying style guide problems with wrong indentation etc! They can be solved so easily when you use editorconfig. Just everyone has to do so. Because editorconfig’s aim is consistency and only with widespread adoption of it, this goal can be reached.