sort file by date hour like 2019-07-30 15:06:33

  • Hi,

    I want sort an log file by date hours
    I have tried “Sort line asending by integer” without result, an idea ?

  • not sure but try textfx plugin

  • @pcouas

    You could use the NppColumnSort plugin for this task. This plugin allows to sort a document by the content of an unlimited number of fields that can be defined by their starting column and width.

    The plugin was part of the plugin list of the old Plugin Manager (up to v7.5.9) but it is not part of the official plugin list of new Plugins Admin (v7.6 and higher). You can download it from >>> this GitHub repo <<< as 32 bit and 64 bit release.

  • Hello @pcouas and All,

    Could you show us a small part of your log file, with the indication of the date/time fields to be sorted ?

    I’m pretty sure that, using a regex S/R, we could be able to insert a temporary re-organized date/hour field, at beginning of each line, which should be easy to sort, alphabetically ;-))

    See you later,

    Best Regards,


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